Our team



Brody Nelson

Co-Founder / Senior Developer

Brody is a talented technical lead who has both enterprise and startup experience in New Zealand and internationally. Previously Brody has delivered enterprise solutions for GlaxoSmithKline, MGM and the National Health Service in the UK. Brody has also worked for several London based production houses as a senior developer and mobile lead and currently runs his own start up company in New Zealand.



Co-Founder / Digital Architect

Phil is an experienced software architect & full stack developer who is passionate about technology and building innovative solutions. Phil has significant experience building and architecting robust, scalable digital platforms. Phil loves to work with Java, Javascript and the React Framework.  Previously, Phil has worked with TVNZ, Vero Insurance and Foster Moore.


Co-Founder / Digital Designer / Front-End Developer
Kyle is responsible for the User Experience and Product Design for all of our clients. Kyle has worked extensively in London and Auckland for agencies big and small. Kyle has an excellent eye for detail and is committed to modern mobile design. Kyle is also a mid-weight web developer who enjoys programming in Javascript using the React framework. 

Rae-dawn MARTIN

Digital Designer

Rae-D (our nickname for her) is a creative talent that brings her design flair and big smile into the office every day. Rae-D's responsibilities continually grow as her high propensity to absorb new skills means she continues to deliver the goods time and again. Rae loves typography, beautiful design and Keeping up with the Kardashians. 


Chris Mitchell

Junior Developer

Chris is a confident developer who is always driving for the highest quality in his craft. For such a young gun, Chris has been given great responsibility and continues to prove his value to the team and to our clients. He has a great propensity for learning new technologies and likes to stay at the cutting edge of what is possible. His sharp observations are a source of humour and he is a fussy eater. In his spare time, Chris is rebuilding a 1967 Mini Cooper.