The Spinoff

The Spinoff is an online magazine employing some of New Zealand’s best non-fiction writers to create smart, shareable content. 

We were asked to create two apps for The Spinoff, allowing readers to engage with content on their mobiles and keep up to date with new stories.  This required the app to handle the rich audio-visual media that is often embedded in The Spinoff's stories.

We developed two native apps which dynamically draw on all content from The Spinoff website, presenting new stories as they are published. Readers can easily share stories on social media via the apps, and The Spinoff sponsors can advertise themselves through the platform. The apps also receive push notifications whenever a breaking news story is released, so readers are instantly aware of new content. Insight into which stories are the most engaging for readers is also essential for The Spinoff's business, so we set up a portal to manage their data analytics.

The Spinoff apps provide a seamless user experience, with stories loading asynchronously in the background so content appears almost instantly when you select a story to read. The apps are now the easiest way to engage with The Spinoff content - anywhere - and they ensure that new stories are brought to their readership's attention.