T&G approached us to help give their Customers & Sales Staff intuitive and beautiful tools for creating and managing wholesale orders. 

T&G (formerly Turners & Growers) is a New Zealand institution. They have been supplying fresh produce in the domestic and international markets for over 100 years.

We ran Get Digital & User Experience (UX) workshops with both Senior and Sales Floor Staff to help us establish what applications would bring the greatest value and how best to integrate these tools within the existing systems. 

Digital tools for the Wholesale Customer
Customers who shop with T&G have very different needs as those who are shopping for home (T&G customers are ordering pallets of apples - not half a dozen).  

The T&G online store is tailored to people who already know their products inside out and appreciate tools that make their day that little more efficient. 

For the Sale Team

The Sales Team know their customers by name and pride themselves on these face-to-face relationships. Digital products have a track record of making human interactions redundant so it was important to us that we designed a product the team felt enhanced those relationships not alienated them.