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Safeswim distills technical complexity into a simple and easy way to check whether it is safe to swim at the beach today.

Beaches around Auckland are not as safe or clean as they once were. While the problem of water pollution is a significant concern to New Zealand’s scientists, it’s difficult to effectively communicate these issues to the public. Auckland Council wanted to ensure that when there was a public health risk they could let their communities know as quickly and easily as possible.  

We partnered with Auckland Council to create a digital ecosystem, led by a web app and supported by digital signs at beaches, that allows the technical complexity that is associated with managing water quality to be distilled into simple, easy to digest information. By leveraging smart UI and an intuitive design system we are able to give the public a simple and easy way to check whether it is safe to swim at the beach today.

Safe swim is the first platform in the world to combine information on water quality and water safety and it demonstrates the impact that innovative digital technology has the power to create political change. Water quality has become more of an important issue for the public, and we continue to work with the Safe Swim team, growing and developing the platform each year to keep New Zealanders safe in our waters.

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